layered moments  (reds + pinks)layered moments (blues + greens)layered moments (purples thru oranges)mourning quiltmourning quilt (detail)sketch 2 for pink landing zone614 daysportrait of relationship residuebeing subtletwenty box installation (view one)suitcase filled with my childhoodsuitcase filled with my childhood (back)trying to get a hold on technologytrying to get a hold on technology (back)pink landing zone (detail #1)pretending the grief awayadjusting series 6clothesline series #1twenty-fouri'll tell you laterpiano lessonmiller time series #2balancing things i should'nt carry (detail)spacemanbalancing things i should'nt carrysketch for pink landing zonecountingpretending the grief away (detail)layered moments (oranges + browns)layered moments (oranges + yellows)layered moments ( purples)adjusting series 2adjusting series 3adjusting series 4adjusting seriesadjusting series 5pink landing zonelayered moments ( in action)pink landing zone (detail #2)hawaii helicoptermiller time series #1miller time series #3miller time series #4miller time series #5miller time series #6collecting ideas about being a grown-upcollecting ideas about being a grown-up (back)he knit me together in my mother's wombhe knit me together in my mother's womb (back)partly exposedpartly exposed (detail)clothesline series #2
Drawing & 2D Work
hundreds of shrinky dinks, paper, found + handmade objects are painted, layered and made into magnets to allow the viewer to create their own compositions on a series of metal panels. i really enjoyed creating these tiny little worlds. this project began in 2009 and of course, now i can not stop making playful magnetic environments.