hide n seek (spain) walker (pdx) (pdx) gum dropsgarden residue (flower cups)in recovery (detail 4)in recovery (detail 1)night ride home (cup view 3)night ride home (abacus view)night ride home (cup view)hide n seek (greens/electric zoom)hide n seek ongoing seriesleftover residue landMake a Wish (detail)Rebuilding Louisiana: One float at a timefloater series:bubble play pool (semi-action shot)Rebuilding Louisiana: One float at a time (detail)left overs (detail 5)floater serieshide n seek (spain 3)in recovery (night view 5)in recovery (night view 2)in recovery (night view 6)hide n seek (spain 20) letters (pdx)left overs (detail 4)hide n seek (greens/duck)in recovery (night view)left overs( pre-shrunk view)left overs (post-shrunk view)hide n seek (spain 19)hide n seek (spain 18)hide n seek (spain 31)hide n seek (spain 32)hide n seek (spain 33)hide n seek (spain 34)hide n seek (spain 35)hide n seek (spain 14)hide n seek (spain 15)hide n seek (spain 16)hide n seek (spain 13)hide n seek (spain 17)hide n seek (spain 12)hide n seek (spain 25)hide n seek (spain 21)hide n seek (spain 24)hide n seek (spain 29)hide n seek (spain 22)hide n seek (spain 26)hide n seek (spain 27)hide n seek (spain 4)hide n seek (spain 28)hide n seek (spain 8)hide n seek (spain 9)hide n seek (spain 6)hide n seek (spain 5)hide n seek (spain 11)hide n seek (spain 10)hide n seek (spain 2)hide n seek (spain 23)hide n seek (spain 7)hide n seek (spain 1)hide n seek (spain 30)garden residue (walkway-o-cups)garden residue (night time)garden residue garden residue (space)garden residuegarden residue (lamp)garden residue (side flowers)garden residue ( wall + flowers)garden residue (all started with popcorn cups)garden residue (sink view)garden residue ( toilet top)garden residue ( sunny chair view)garden residue (artist tour)garden view (cup explosion)garden residue (shrinky dink workshop) (pdx)hide n seek (greens/electric)hide n seek (greens/pipe)hide n seek (greens/used)hide n seek (greens/used zoom)hide n seek (greens/poster)hide n seek ongoing series/bathroomhide n seek ongoing series/bathroom (detail)hide n seek ongoing series/bridgehide n seek ongoing series/bridge (detail)hide n seek ongoing series/wateryhide n seek ongoing series/firehouse treehide n seek ongoing series/pearl sthide n seek ongoing series/balloonshide n seek ongoing series/mobil phone boothhide n seek ongoing series/mobil phone booth Ihide n seek ongoing series/mobil phone booth IIMake a Wishfloater series Ifloater series IIfloater series IIIin recovery (night view 4)in recovery (day time view 4)in recovery (day time view 3)in recovery (day time view 2)in recovery (day time view)in recovery (day time view 5)in recovery (day time view 6)in recovery (day time view 7)in recovery (night view 3)night ride home (installation view 2)night ride home (cup view 2)night ride home (installation view)left overs (installation view #2)left overs (detail 1)left overs (detail 2)left overs (detail 3)left overs (installation view)white hangerin recovery (installation view)in recovery (detail 2)in recovery (detail 3)in recovery (detail 5)in recovery (detail 6)
Installation & 3D Work
this is a project that i can not seem to escape. i love hiding my art for people to discover. it is like a little hidden party favor or a treat for being a careful observer!!! this series catalogs the project in barcelona and el bruc spain from the summer of 2010.